Film Festival

Banff Film Festival


Photo from my trip to Canada at the iconic Lake Louise (40 min outside of Banff)

I’m excited to start this blog amidst the Banff Film Festival in Tucson, AZ.   This is my first year at this film festival, but not my first rodeo at a film festival. (credit has to go to the Reel Rock Tour that I saw in Tempe)  What I’m most excited about is the wanderlust that these films bring to me.  I am not the type to stick to one recreational activity and I imagine if I did, I’d be a professional at it.  Instead I dabble in as much as I can with the purpose to reach out to as many people and build relationships.  I’ve built friendships, relationships, strengthened family bonds all over various outdoorsy activities.

The Banff film festival give me the opportunity to really enjoy and admire those who far exceed my abilities. I find inspiration to push through some of the activities that I’ve taken on as well as get my feet wet in some other activities.  Tom is the one who peaked my interest in this film fest.  He’d been going for year and knowing all of the things that I was into thought I’d really enjoy it.  Boy was he right!  We began the night with a beer in hand sitting in our seats like a child unable to contain themselves when they hear they are going to Disneyland for the first time.  I sat next to Tom and Emily, with Drew, Rebecca, and Tom’s parents in our row. As we watched the films our wanderlust bulged and our adventure seeking expanded.  Here I was not even outdoors and I could see my relationship with each of them growing in the aspirations we were imagining in our head.

The second film seemed to hit me in a spot that I didn’t think it would hit.  It was about a man white water rafting a very dangerous spot.  As he spoke of the technique and skills required to move through the water my mind went to my late cousin Keith.  This man was doing something he loved but risking a lot at the same time.  Keith was a cousin I admired for his love of outdoors! His garage was filled with skiing gear, kayaking, climbing gear, even a climbing wall, he probably had much more but this was the extent of what I noticed when I was there.  You could see excitement on his face when he spoke about adventures he’d been on or adventures he still had left (many family related seeing as he had a beautiful boy Jasper).  I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming rush that Keith was also sitting with me imagining new adventures urging me to get out and try something new.

Hazel Findlay was in the second film with Alex Honnold.  I truly admire Hazel for two reasons: 1) she is a stellar climber and 2) she said in this film that she has to make sure she has fun! My wanderlust feeds off of fun and if it means having fun and becoming a better climber well that’s just the best combo.  When I watch Hazel climb i think to myself, that’s what they mean by #likeagirl.  I don’t know if I can put it in words, you just might have to google her and watch it for yourself.

Each film lead me to think of some relationship I’d built with a friend or family member.  A film after intermission was about the Colorado River Delta.  This one was particularly interesting because it took two things I was passionate about: outdoor adventure and conservation.  It focused on the release of the Colorado river and the positive affects it had on the ecosystem there.

I’m excited for what night 2 has to bring! As I start my adventure with this new blog I hope to share with you, all of my outdoorsy adventures and how each one brings me closer to my family and friends.

My adventures are not my adventures alone, they are ours in which we connect to nature and each other.




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