Film Festival

Banff night two

Here is what I got out of night two of the Banff film festival. Connections were strengthened and made. As I’m walking through the Fox theater in Tucson, AZ in looking for Tom who saved us seats.  Once spotted, Emily and I head over from the front.  I see an old collegue of mine from high school, Jamie Madden.

I’ve run into her a couple of times, once at a Ragnar trail run and at various outdoor events. Jamie is a trail runner and just completed her first, as she seemed it ultra. She’d completed a 50k before but I’d count that as an ultra as well.  Jamie’s instagrams are inspiring for any trail runner. She posts her pictures of Sabino canyon and other Tucson mountains as she weaves her way through the trails. If I lived in Tucson I would already be training with her.

Strengthening friendships

This particular relationship I have with Jamie is one of comrade re and every time I see her it’s motivation to get myself on the trail. With each time we run into each other, I feel as though Jamie and I become closer friends through our love of running. We have yet to run together but I hope to be her pacer for tha Javalina jundred put on by Aravaipa in the fall.

Making Connections

Emily has been looking for a trail running group and when we stopped to say hi to Jamie she used it as an opportunity to make a new connection through running. It’s this type of networking that brings people together in nature.  I’m looking forward to what this new relationship brings for Emily and Jamie and how it will strengthen the mine with each of them. While I don’t see Emily and Jamie walking “The Empty Quarter” together like Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron who started out as friends of friends, I do see Emily and Jamie building a friendship based on a common interest of adventure seeking  through trail running.

Making Old Connections New Again

At the end of the night as I walk out I see an old friend Bryan. As young kids we carpooled together, went to each other’s birthdays, and spent a lot of time together. As the years went on we went our separate ways to separate schools. We caught up with each other outside of the theater and Bryan shared his excitement with me for our first times at the Banff film festival.  The film Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine inspired him to looking into the new adventure of climbing.  He new my passion of climbing through Facebook and Instagram and I told him if he is ever in Phoenix that he should definitely hit me up to try climbing.  I’m overfilled with joy when a friend is looking to get into the sport of climbing. For me it tells me that they trust me to guide them through a route, hold them when they need a break and catch them when they fall. I hope that Bryan finds climbing as exhilarating as I do and maybe one day we’ll put together a mini sufferfest for the novice climbers in us.

What Banff FF 2015 did for me

This film festival reminded me of why I am an adventure seeker and why I don’t do it Alone. It brings me closer to my friends. We are brought together through wanderlust and we forge friendships through shared experiences.  We meet new people along the way seeking the same thing or we inspire others to “take chances, make mistakes, get messy” (Miss Frizzle, Magic School bus).

Till the next great adventure!




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