Trail Running

On the Trail


I’ve known Lindsay for quite some time now. We met when she applied for NAU Kayettes. She was shy, but had every ounce of a good heart in her and I knew she would be great for our community service group. When I sat across from her in the interview I had no idea that our friendship would go this far. We have become closer in the past couple years when she moved back to Phoenix after graduation. Our love of Flagstaff and the things that embody Flagstaff is what brought us closer in Phoenix.

The outdoors, running, and climbing are just a few things that we enjoy together. Lindsay’s kindness, joy, and willingness to try most anything are what I admire about her most.  Our runs give us time to catch up during the week and learn more about each other’s passion for life. Climbing helps us push each other and encourage one another. It’s also an activity that brings us together through trust. I trust Lindsay with my life everyone we climb together and I only hope she does the same.

South Mountain

Back on South Mountain trails, Lindsay came running with Pepper and me. When I first moved up to Tempe, Lindsay and I were consistently running south mountain.  It is about time we started back up.

We ran our regular route, national trail to Ridgeline trail.  Lindsay is finishing up her graduate school and is starting to apply for jobs. I would hate to see her leave Phoenix, but I know she would have a great adventure of she left. For now I will take advantage of every second we have to run trails.

I told Lindsay about this blog and what I hoped to accomplish from it. One, a way to document my outdoor excursions and two, to elaborate on the relationships that I build through these excursions even if it’s someone I meet in passing.

They say dogs have good instinct when it comes to knowing good people. I could tell these were good people when we reached the top of Ridgeline trail.  The man pictured on the left was dying to meet Pepper. He put his hand out and pepper instantly connected with him. She took a moment and laid down immediately to enjoy the rest and their company.  They were locals just out for a morning hike. I tried not to let Pepper get to comfortable because we were on a bit of a time crunch, but that moment, though fleeting, my dog connected with these strangers on the trail is what makes me love being outdoors. There is no frills of the city. Whatever they are doing I hope they still make time for the trails to meet more happy tail waggers.

Take the time to meet people on your outdoor adventures. In many ways you are so a like, because something brought you to this moment of your crossing. It may only be brief and never develop from there, but at least you will have that experience. Who knows maybe that moment will turn into a friendship.  I’m sure glad I took the time to meet Lindsay.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you” -Dale Carnegie

Till the next great adventure!




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