Tempe Bike to Work Day

23rd Annual Bike to Work Day


Today was bike to work day for Tempe, making April bike month!  Cities across the valley are hosting various events.  This morning’s event was kicked off by Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell.  Council member Kolby Granville led this morning’s group ride which totaled about 30 bikers.  What I appreciated most about this event was that it got people outside and moving!  It brought strangers together to share something they are passionate about, biking.  Being one of the seven most bike-friendly cities worldwide, Tempe has 175 bike route and participates in a bike share program for public use.

 IMG_0368 IMG_0370

As a triathlete, Kolby Granville is an advocate for cyclists.  Recently in March Tempe hosted its 5th Annual Tempe Bike Count.  I remember hearing many news reports that council members were out there volunteering to count.  I appreciate the movement and the support that we have from our city council.  Next we need to look to the public to be their own advocates.  As a cyclist on the road and a driver I want to stress the importance for cyclists to use your hand signals when turning because drivers cannot read your minds and drivers to be aware of riders around you.  We all have to do our part to provide a safe environment for everyone.


This particular ride was my regular bike commute route to work so it was great to tag along.  We were escorted by officers who made sure the intersections were clear for us to ride through.  When you have clipless pedals you sure learn to appreciate not having to stop for a stop light or stop sign.  I would like to thank those officers for keep us safe on our ride.  As I biked along I met a gentleman named Tim who was starting his weekend this morning, and still chose to get up and ride instead of sleep in.  I have to commend our early riders, runners, swimmers, gym go-ers, while it is not the easiest thing to do it is definitely more peaceful.

The ride ended at Ncounter, a local Tempe restaurant where channel 3 news was waiting to interview three localists participated in bike to work day.  It was trolling with bikes and their riders.  Its hard to explain the feelings I get when I’m at events like this.  The best description is genuine happiness.  I get to be apart of something bigger than me for a day.


While I didn’t make close connections today that will flourish for a life time, I felt connected and a part of my community.  I showed my support as a cyclists as I rode to work this morning.  I would like to see more cyclists and less cars on the road. However, I understand circumstances for when you need to drive.  I think I will consider riding my bike before I choose tow it on my car.   I hope to get more people riding their bike too!

Till the next great adventure!



Reflection zone: how will you make the change to bike more? Are bikes out of your element? What is your biggest fear?


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