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It’s been awhile since my last post, but my workouts have been earlier and I’ve done a terrible job about snapping photos for all of you visual friends. 


This weekend I have a triathlon with my bestie. We are competing in the esprite de she triathlon sponsored by Lifetime fitness. This will be my 3rd tri and Emily’s 1st. Needless to say Emily has shown signs of nervousness, but I hope that I’ve given her enough tips to calm most of her nerves.  One thing that must be said about my relationship is that we are sole-mates. We joke that we’d be perfect for each other of our sexual orientation aligned.  It’s really easy for one of us to say we are going to sign up for a race or start a new outdoor hobby and if not immediately at the very least shortly after the other will follow suit.  (Though I have to admit I don’t intend to race another marathon unless it’s on the trails or part of the ironman.  I will however show full support for Emily during her Boston Marathon training.) It’s also a great excuse to keep up appearances with each other since we are living in different cities.

Today was an easy run day so as not to exert myself before the race.  Today my running partner was Ron.  Ron and I work right next to each other at adjacent businesses.  His company actually supports mine in many ways through annual donations. Ron and I typically run once a week and meet up at Tempe Town Lake, running anywhere from 3-8 miles. Occasionally when we are feeling ambitious we will run up “Dirty A” mountain (because the realt A mountain is in Tucson and dedicated to the U of A).  Today we came across 4peaks racing company hosting their Splash and Dash (swim and run). As we ran past towards the end of our run an Aqua hydrate rep handed us each a bottle. Score! It was 100+ degrees and even though we were taking it easy on the run, I was so thankful to have some fresh water. 

Tempe Town lake is one of my favorite spots in town.  They have pockets of green grass to stretch and do drills. You can look out on the water as you are running or biking by.  Seeing friendly faces as you run by is an inspiring view. It’s a family friendly place too.  I think one of the biggest reasons why it’s my favorite spot is because it’s where I spent many of my first days after work when I moved to Phoenix. If I had a dollar for every lap I’ve done it would probably be enough to pay for all of my race entry fees.   

I’ll be sure to report on the triathlon after this weekend! Until the next great adventure!

Cheers! Maria 


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