PR’s and Leaderboards

Yesterday’s outdoor adventure focuses on three main events.  Swimming, biking, and running.  If you know me then you know that I can’t just stick to one thing.  I’m constantly searching for something new to do and something big to try. Triathlons are great for me because I get to dabble in three events yet compete in one.  I don’t worry about getting burnt out on one thing, which is very likely to happen to me.

I competed in my second sprint triathlon which meant that I had more than a goal to just finish, a PR.  I felt stronger and more knowledgable about tri’s, but it didn’t shake the nerves I felt in the morning.  Spoiler alert, I did PR and by 13 minutes.  Not only did I PR, but I made the leader board for my age group at 5th.  My splits were right around what I was expecting, with the exception of the swim which I thought would have been slower. So to find out my swim split I  was really stoked about.

My first triathlon was a feat that I’d taken on my own.  No one to train or support me in training, (with the exception of Katy who taught me how to swim!) and no one to jump in at the start line with.  This was a big and daunting task for me last year and it felt very empowering to do it on my own.

Pre-race beer at Postino’s

This year instead of doing this triathlon alone I competed with my friend Emily.  I believe I’ve mentioned her before in some of my other outdoor adventures.  I don’t remember how we decided to do this race, I know I speak very highly of it because its an all women’s race, it is well organized, and the course is pretty simple.  This is the Lifetime Tri Esprite de She.

We had wonderful supporters out there that got up early to watch us race!  My boyfriend Tom drove own after his soccer game in Tucson and woke up at 4:30 to take us to the start of our race.  I can’t express enough what it means to have him there supporting me in my endeavors.  Its like you know someone has your back.  Katy and Ryan also were there.  Katy was at my very first triathlon, she’s like the big sister (even though she’s younger than I am) that encourages me and cheers me on because she’s so proud of my accomplishments.  She didn’t have to come out, but she did!


Now on to the main event. Yesterday was a great day to run a triathlon.  The weather was great, although a tad bit warm during the run.  Emily wore her friend’s Tricat suit and I wore my friend’s Lumberjack tri-top.  We worked through our nerves as best as we could.  I think Emily held on to hers a little bit longer because as soon as she jumped into the water she was in race mode and accidentally false started.  Its really hard to call back a swimmer in the water so a lifeguard kayaker had to bop her to stop her.  The swim went well, but it was after the swim that motivation really kicked in.  I saw Emily ahead of me.  In transition I threw on my socks, shoes, helmet and sunglasses.  I kicked it in high gear to catch her.

With less than a mile left in the bike I had a feeling in my right calf, not a common occurrence for me.  When I pulled into transition Emily and I were side by side, I told her to go ahead because as soon as I pulled off my shoe to put on my running shoes, my calf when into full seize.  I massaged out as quickly as I could.  At this point I know I wouldn’t be able to stick with Emily (she’s a boston marathon qualifier for cryin out loud 😉 she also made the leader board for our age group at 2nd). So I knew it was up to me to finish strong and within my abilities to get that PR I really wanted.

With about a mile left of the run I couldn’t help but think of a family that lost a young child last week.  I imagined what that child’s life might have been like, what would he have accomplished.  It was at this point I decided to dedicate my race to him.  His family deserves peace in this time of sorrow the picture below is a temporary tattoo, and every heart beat counts.  I’m thankful for every one that I’ve had to lead me to today.  Heartbeats that not only beat to keep me alive, but the ones that beat for my family and friends.  They are the reasons that keep me doing crazy things.

 Post race libations were at AZ Wilderness Brewery. Any outdoor fanatic will love this place that is dawned with hiking pictures and wilderness signs.

What was your race this weekend? Did you reach your goals? Leave a comment and let me know!

It was a great for a race and even better day for friends!

Until the next great adventure! Cheers!



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