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Why do you Adventure?

Why do I adventure? 


Many reasons actually. One of the big reasons is because of the way I feel when I’m testing my limits. Yes it can be painful, scary, or downright dirty, but the feeling of accomplishment is what’s rewarding. Little feat or big feat, each challenge is a reminder that I’m alive and capable of many things. 

Well rounded

I adventure many activies because I want to be a well rounded individual. It allows me to connect with different people with different interests. I am able to build a relationship with adventurers that range from novice to expert in their field. Not only does it allow me to be well rounded emotionally, but also physically. 


I dabble in many activities because it keeps me from getting bored, or overworking in a certain area. Yes at times I have a focus on a certain recreational activity, but I always manage to bounce back and forth from one to the other throughout the years. Revisiting each activity like an old friend.  


Another reason I adventure is to be inspired and to inspire others. I was inspired by my family. My uncle and cousin were avid adventurers and though they didn’t live long lives, they definitely lived happy ones. They made sure to always include others, get others excited about the outdoors, and play more than they worked (but they worked hard to deserve it). 

My hope is to inspire people like they inspired me. I want people to feel included and not limited by challenges or fears. Feel success from within, not because someone patted you on the back or awarded you, but because you did that from within. 

I adventure because I have support from my friends and family. They encourage me and are interested. They don’t knock me down because of my passion or stereotype that I might fit in. My mom shares my Facebook posts because she’s proud of me.  If there is only one person in this world that I care most about making her proud of me its my mother, because she’s the one that has supported me from conception to today. (Happy Mother’s Day!!) She’s still my emergency contact because she answers a phone call from an unknown number and she’ll be the first one to get to me if something were to happen.

So in the comments I’d like you to share:

Why do you adventure?

Who inspires you? Who do you hope to inspire?

Who supports you?

Until the next great adventure! Cheers!



1 thought on “Why do you Adventure?”

  1. Spot on and so true! I adventure to push my own limits and too keep growing, to find peace and solitude and get away from the crowds, to see beauty, to feel. My mom inspires me by getting into adventuring so late in life and by pushing her own limits, my boyfriend inspires me with unabashed enthusiasm and bravery. He also supports me in my moments of fear and helps me get off the couch! I hope to inspire other people with fears to get out and do things that scare them. I am not secretive with my readers about my worry wort scaredy pants nature, but I still go big and do things that push me to my edge, I want the same for all of them!

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