Celebrate the Other wins

We seek success

Last week I mentioned a reason I adventure was to be a well rounded individual to connect with others through outdoors.  Today I want to emphasize celebrating your other wins.  What “win” have you had that wasn’t a physical feat? What was your “training regiment” for that win? Did you rely on others? Since this is a blog focusing on outdoors, I want to tie in community and how impacts every part of your life’s adventures. I typically reflect on the relationships that I’ve created, but today I want to focus on the relationships another person has created.  Without any first hand account from her this is strictly what I see from eyes.

My Roommate

Katy is my roommate and I know I’ve spoke to you about my relationship with her.   She is my best friend and we’ve grown closer over the years.  We’ve been mistaken for sisters and I’m not mad about it (she’s a very beautiful and tall girl, what I would give for those legs).  I’ve always admired the relationships she keeps.  Each person she meets is important to her and she gives them the exact love and friendship they need at that point in their life.  She too builds many of her friendships through her love of outdoors.  I’d like to say ours was strengthened, because let’s be honest our friendship was built on country two-stepping and beer.


Katy has a very close relationship with her family.  Growing up with two older brothers, I imagine that she was always protected, but what I see is that this protection translated to her attribute of protecting others.  Guarding and mentoring her friends and students, catching people when they fall and helping to left them back up.  I’m not sure who Katy’s outdoor adventure stems from most but I would like to think its her dad.  Her dad has never discouraged her from a big outdoor adventure, but always made sure she was properly prepared.  He made sure we had all of the tools for our west coast road trip especially for camping.  He asked us to ping him with the nifty “I’m lost device” when we were in the Grand Canyon to make sure we were okay. Her outdoor adventure could also stem from her brother Nick.  He has all of the tools any outdoor adventurer would want, so he makes sure to outfit Katy properly until she can get her own of course 🙂 When her and Nick end up hiking 11 miles instead of the 4 or 6 they had planned, it becomes a bonding experience rather than a blaming experience.



“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” -Dale Carnegie 

Katy is always interested in her friends. She’s caring and supportive and always carries a smile. She takes the time to go on hikes and build friendships. This past weekend was our chance as her friends to be supportive of her. 



Katy had spent the last year working on her masters. I’ve seen her late nights and early mornings working hard. She never lost sight of the other important things family dinners, hiking, faith, and friendships. She made sure to treat yourself to an out of town camping trip every once in a while.  Katie’s hard work and dedication is what makes her such a successful person both at work, and her personal life. I admire her and aspire to have qualities like hers.



On to the outdoor festivities!  

If you didn’t already know it northern Arizona is the mecca for outdoor activities with Flagstaff being its capital.  We returned to our alumni home town to celebrate Katy’s graduation. #golumberjacks Katy planned a full 24hours pack of outdoor adventure.  We started our morning at 4:30 am to get on the road by 5am.  We made it up to Sedona to hike Devils Bridge by 8 AM. Not before stopping for breakfast though.    

We approached Devils Bridge from the bottom clamoring up to the top. 

 Once we reached the top we found true colors of Tanya and Joe, heights with sheer drop off we’re not to their liking. They mustered up the courage to take the ever so popular photo of our group standing on the bridge. They even stuck their feet as close to the edge to take a #withoutshoes Instagram photo for a charity campaign that Toms is running right now.  We were all so proud of them.   


Once we were finished we headed up to flagstaff for some Fratellis pizza and Mother Road beer


We got ready and headed to graduation. After graduation we headed quickly to find a campsite in Sedona. Eventually we found a site and woke up to a view none of us expected… 


We celebrated Katy’s big win, her masters. We did it the best way we know how, by spending time outdoors.   

What “win” have you had that wasn’t a physical feat? What was your “training regiment” for that win? Did you rely on others? How did you celebrate? Leave a comment (at the top of this post).
Until the next great adventure! 

Cheers! Maria


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