If anyone asks, we made it to the top.


Many of us have experienced the pains of moving, either ourselves or a good friend. This weekend Tom and I drove to Prescott to move his longtime friend Eddie to Tucson. We were only charged with moving a truck load since Eddie still has one more week of teaching left. I will admit, this was one of the most pleasant moving experiences I have ever had. That being said, anyone requesting help moving I now require some great outdoor adventure, steaks, and beers to accompany said moving request. 


If anyone asks we made it to the top…

This seemed to be the theme of the weekend. Whatever challenge was ahead of us it wasn’t because of physical incapability, but rather obstacles that kept us from getting to the top. Our first adventure was out in the Prescott national forest to get some 4 wheels out in the dirt. It was my first time ever going four wheeling and I have to admit it’s more exhausting than you think. Your body is constantly tense whether it’s from the constant jarring of the vehicle and overcompensating so you don’t fall out or the mental exhaustion of will I survive this next run. As a passenger my adrenaline rush came and went in waves. We had pretty mild runs to begin with that slowly increased in difficulty. 

Then, Eddie graciously let me take the wheel. Eddie is very trusting to let someone take over driving his Jeep especially considering this is only our second or third time hanging out. How many people will let someone who is practically a stranger take the wheel of a project vehicle that they put their sweat and money into. It was quite the rush being in charge of a large piece of metal moving across the natural curves of the Earth. I sought direction and guidance from Eddie, or at least some backseat driving, but he was letting me pilot the Jeep on my own. Tom encouraged me through tough spots and praised me when we came out upright. I imagine this is the type of shenanigans my mom and her brothers got into when she had her jeep.  

Eventually my body was tired and stressed from the high risk situation so I let Eddie take over. We came across a great run at what we guessed was a 45 degree incline. Tom did some recon and saw another jeep at the top to, they both saw to the challenge. Unfortunately we did not make it to the top that day, but if anyone asks we made it to the top. 

Later that day 
We took upon the challenge to summit Thumb Butte. It was a steep paved incline with several switch backs but beautiful views from each turn.   


Behind us you’ll see the top of the butte we intended to summit. However, due to peregrine courtship and breeding season, the trail to the summit was closed. I was super excited about the signs, hoping that I would possibly see some courship. Eddie and Tom I think we’re ready to gun it for the top, but my sign reading, rule following conscience had to say no. So if anyone asks we made it to the top.


Eddie gave us some great adventures this weekend and in return we brought a truck load of his stuff back to Tucon. So friends Tom and I would be happy to help you move, but require outdoor activities as payment!

Until the next great adventure!

Cheers! Maria


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