Tri some group training

Only so far

In the past months I’ve realized that you can only get so far and be so good by training on your own.  Often I find my self-motivation is lacking a few weeks into a training program and workouts get pushed back for other social events. More often than not training consists of “just getting the distance” in and no evaluation of form or speed.

Esprit de She

This year’s esprit de she I came across Landis tri club. I had seen their name pop up on my radar a couple times. I decided to check them out at the race to see about getting more information.   They were the nicest and most welcoming group that I had come across since high school cross country and track. I was invited by Nick, Charlsie, and Nicole to come to their next meeting.

Landis Tri Club

The meeting was all about baseline concussion tests.  In the event that something should happen, Barrow neurological now has something to go off of in order to asses me properly. I wasn’t my usual self in approaching people and making friends. I was pretty reserved but wanted to let the club know of my interest and goals. I spoke with Anthony and from that talk with him I walked away motivated and inspired.  I also walked away with $50 towards my next pair of running shoes from the raffle I entered for coming to the meeting.  Just like that I was ready and had found the club to help me to reach new heights.  They shared their triathlon experiences and I think each time I train with them I’ll be more inspired to reach my ironman goal sooner than I had planned.

I’ve already felt the warmth of the Landis members. I went to a spin class on our own bikes and trainers at the Landis store. I however do not own a trainer but with the generosity of Anthony I was able to train with everyone today. Newbies have to sit up front with Anthony, so I did my duty and watched everyone bare witness to my first time figuring out how to use a trainer, missing my clips, and fumbling during transition from bike to run a few times. At no time did I ever feel judged or like an idiot. We continued our conversations of Pitch Perfect 2, 50 Shades of Gray, and the new bike racks going up on mill avenue.

Though I felt embarrassed about my lack of knowledge and gear for triathlons, I could feel a blossoming relationship with those that had attended that night because of the kindess they shared with the newbie.  I look forward to building those relationships with these new people in my life.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

What have been your struggles with training on your own? How did you find your group that motivates and inspires you? Share your story, leave a comment!

Until the next great adventure!

Cheers! Maria




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