Outdoorsy weekend

I love seeing everyone’s outdoor adventures! Mine were minimal so I’ll keep it short because I want to hear about yours.

I took on a 33 miles bike ride with gradual hills. We took it easy since none of us really new each other. This was a group ride through my. New tri group. Landis. Unfortunately our organizer busted his arm and had to head to urgent care. His results come back to day as to what happened and his healing plan. We hope a speedy recovery for Anthony. 

It was me, Kolby and Bob on this ride, joined later by Amy.  


We made it all the way to Tonto National forest. Next time I’ll ride further. 


We had spectacular views, I just wish I had looked up more.

I made some new friends that day and I hope more will join us for the next group ride! 

Today I want to hear about your outdoorsy weekend. 

How did you spend your time outdoors?

Did anything go array? How did you come out of it?

What relationships did you build?

Till the next great adventure!

Cheers! Maria


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