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Be there, Run for Fun, Play for Fun

For me, building relationships isn’t always about partaking in the same adventures and activities.  Sometimes it’s simply about supporting those who enjoy doing their thing.  Key word: THEIR.  This weekend kicked off with just that.   Friday night Tom had an outdoor soccer game. Seeing as how I have zero foot eye coordination, I really enjoy going to Tom’s soccer games and seeing him and his teammates weave in and out of one another as they push the ball down the field.  Every time I’m impressed with their abilities to juggle the ball down the field either through passing to one another or an all-out sprint down the field.  I was not a soccer fan until Tom and I started dating and I have come to appreciate the sport now that I know a little bit more about it, but I will leave the juggling and shooting to him.  Supporting Tom for 90 minutes on the sideline is a highlight for me and I hope that he enjoys having me out there cheering him on.  I get excited when he scores, or comes close to scoring. I’m put on the edge of my seat during a break away or when a shot is lined up.  This is his thing and I’m glad he lets me come watch him!

DSC00008[1] DSC00016[1]

As Arizona turned up the heat this weekend Tom and I forgo-ed a Saturday morning bike ride considering he had another soccer game and we were both running in the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run/Walk & FitKidz Mile.  Originally I had not planned to run this race, but Emily who signed up for a three race series found herself not being able to partake due to a family wedding.  So I stepped in as Emily.  This was the first race that Tom and I were doing together, alone.  We started the race together and finished the race together.  I’m glad he decided not to push the pace.  There’s something to say about enjoying one’s company and we really got to take the chance to do that by not pushing the pace.


This was quite a fun race for both of us!  Watermelon was handed out as you ran past the first half mile.  Being such a hot day the watermelon was quite refreshing.  To quench our skin’s thirst were about a dozen neighbors along the route spraying their hoses to water and cool us down.  This gesture just tickled me and I know many appreciated it!  Also along the route were local bands singing and pumping up the runners. As I rounded a curve I saw several men standing along the side, many with their arms crossed most likely waiting for their wives or girlfriends to pass by.  I took this as an opportunity to engage with them and request some high fives.  To my delight they all smiled and put out their hands in return.  I also noticed that they continued to do it for the people behind me.  My hopes is that they spread some kindness and motivation to others behind me.

At the end of the race I found my parents standing next to the finish line.  Just like I was able to support Tom at his soccer game, my parents came and supported me.  Having them at the finish line shows that they are interested and that the want me to keep doing my thing, and even if it’s 90-100 degrees outside there is a good chance they will come see me.

I also got to see an old friend who lives in Tucson.  Sarah is a Kayette sister of mine and we were in the same entering class when we joined.  She is the girl who would trek through blizzards with me at NAU just to get a pint of Beaver Street brewery’s Oatmeal Stout.  That beer was worth the mile trek to the brewery.  It was really great to catch up with an old friend and I’m so glad we have the opportunity to reconnect.  She shared with me her newest interest in lifting competitions.  I told her the next time she has one I want to be there!


Overall it was a great weekend, between being on the sideline to cheer Tom on, being alongside him in a run, being supported by my parents and re-connecting with an old friend I would say it was a full spectrum of different ways to build relationships with people.

How do you show your support for others on their adventure? Do you show up?

Do you give them gifts to support their passion?

Do you help them raise money for a cause they care about?

Until the next great adventure!




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