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throwback thursday

Has someone ever inspired you to be your best? Better yet has someone you didn’t even know inspire you to reach your goals? Has someone inspired you and you never had the chance to tell them?

Today I want to tell you my experience of being pushed and encouraged to reach a goal and how I was able to pay it forward.

My first experience was in Ventura California, it was my third half marathon, but first out of state.  It was a girls trip with Emily, Kelly and Kathleen. Boy was I pumped! We start off the race together and I hit mile 4, and I’m feeling ready. Ready to pick up the pace. Everyone tells me to go so I do.  It’s not until somewhere between mile 8 and 10 that a lady tells me “okay, when I go you go, when I go faster you go faster, if I slow down you keep going.” I respond okay, even though I don’t believe I’ll do it.

Around mile 10 I can feel her cadence picking up. We’re matched foot for foot and we hit mile 12 and she yells, “Go!” So I did. I pushed until the very last .1 of a mile. It was my fastest time yet and I think I even placed top 5.

That particular day I need that woman to push me further and better than I thought I could do. I needed to be surrounded by my best girlfriends. That day, moments after I finished my mom called me. I thought it was to ask me about my race, but she was crying. She had called to tell me that my cousin died in a skiing accident. That race and those people were pivotal at that moment in shaping who I am today.  I always (and still do) looked up to Keith, who inspired me in ways he doesn’t know. That lady, those girls and my cousin pushed and encouraged me that day and every day forward.

Pay it Forward

I met this young lady at the Arizona IMS half marathon. She’d been tailing me for awhile and eventually she was by my side. We started chatting and I find out it’s her first half marathon! She tells me her goal and I decide we are going to work together.


After running together she starts to question and doubt herself.  We work through her feelings and we keep on pace. I tell her, “okay, when I go you go, when I go faster you go faster, if I slow down you keep going.”

I work with her the same way that lady worked with me that day in Ventura.  With 1.1 miles left I yell, “Go! Give it all you got!” She running, running. She crossed that line ahead of me and after we’ve both given ourselves time to recover she brings over her mom to meet me and she tells me she beat her goal by a large margin! Her mom was so grateful, but her daughter was the one that put in all the hard work.

I hope she was inspired and continues to crush her goals she set for herself!

That day Kelly completed her first marathon and Emily qualified for Boston. Two truly inspiring moments that came from each of them that day!

Until the next great adventure!




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