Today I’m going to try to share more photos than words, it’s not a promise but a goal.

Race day goals: swim strong, bike stronger, run strongest. Get a PR around 3 hours in Olympic distance triathlon.

In transition. Do I have everything? Tires pumped?  
Today I was racing with Emily and Nick. Emily asked for magic braids. She got her Boston qualifying time when I braided her hair that qualifying morning, and she wasn’t expecting to. I braided her hair when she placed 3rd in her first sprint tri. Spoiler alert: I braided her hair the morning of this race and she placed 1st!

 Mine and Emily’s bikes racked next to each other, 76 & 77.


Nick suiting up for the start of his wave.


Transition out of swim.


Transition 1: Swim to bike


Start transition from bike to run. 


And finish!! Happy with the time I was seeing on the board coming in.




2nd place!! First time I’ve ever placed in a race as an adult.


1st and 2nd place, it was great to chase my best friend. She pushed me to do my best!


Until the next great adventure!!




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