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On the road.

Dear Family and Friends, 

Today I got up at 3:45am to then wait out in the cold for two hours to secure my spot in next year’s Ironman AZ, only after spending 10 hours in the rain to provide aid to those who step before me as Ironman. It was truly incredible to see friends and strangers complete the feat.

I hope you’ll join me on this road as I spend the next year training for Ironman. My biggest fear in training for Ironman is not only facing the physical challenges that but the emotional ones.  My friendships and relationships will be challenged. 

Bear with me as my nights become early nights and my mornings become early mornings.

I’ll be trading quality time drinking beer with you for quality time drinking electrolytes with my bike, my running shoes, and my swim cap. My dinners out will become dinners in. 

My trips to Flagstaff with you out of town to escape the heat or trips to Tucson will include a 4-6 hour ride followed by a long run.  

I will be training, a lot. I will be tired, a lot. I will talk about training, a lot. I will eat, a lot. I will cry, a lot. I will be excited, a lot. I will feel left out, a lot. I will need support, a lot. 

My decision to train for an Ironman ultimately came down to you.  I would have been happy not training for one if it means keeping all of you in my life. You have encouraged me and said that it was the right time in my life to do this. So I hope you will join me on my runs, my bike rides, and my swims. 

As I start the journey I hope you will also keep my mind out of training and keep me in real life. Tell me when I need to change the subject and encourage me to be a well rounded person.

Also tell me all of your exciting news, because I might forget or forget to ask.  Whatever you do, don’t stop inviting me no matter how many times I say no, because one day I could say yes. 

I’m looking forward to the countless hours spent with my tribes! Landis triathlons club and November project. The accountability factor is my strength, I know I have a good team that will keep me honest, healthy, and strong.

Family, friends, and tribes. You guys are my rock that I need to land on.

Cheers to the next great adventure!




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