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This past weekend was one of teams.

I spent Saturday with a few members of my triathlon club on a mountain bike relay team. We raced Dawn to Dusk.  The weather can be summed up in two words. Suffer Fest. It was cold and rainy, which is not an average day for any Arizona native.

This was also my first time mountain biking and it started out with nerves and fear.  Nerves because I’d never participated in and outdoor activity that seemed to raw and fear that I might injure myself badly before I even started Ironman (IM) training.

My team assured me with precise instruction and full confidence that it would be okay and that I’d have fun!

The rain cleared up long enough during my 13 mile loop of the McDowell mountains.  I did admittingly have fun.  Though more fun would be had if it wasn’t a race and it wasn’t rainy. The remainder of the day was spent hunkered down in a warm RV eating soup and spaghetti! It was here that we bonded over food and bikes, Anthony my tri coach, Morgan my IM training buddy and John my Filipino “dad” and I.


Sunday was spent cheering on my November project teammates.

We set up shop on a corner to provide high fives, hugs and laughs to our running community. These awesome people above finished 13.1 miles. Some first timers, other veterans, and a couple people even covered someone else’s butt.  They all smiled as the went past us. Couldn’t be more proud of these teammates!!

I have a big team in Phoenix! I hope you find yours!

Until the next big adventure!




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