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Feeling Derailed

Three days before the new year.

I spent the whole year healthy and avoiding any feeling of being sick. Then, bam. Sick, three days before the new year. Hopeful friends wish me luck to feel better before the new year.  All I have running through my head is hope that I’ll be better before training starts January 4th.

Spin is scheduled on Tuesdays and as my excitement grows for training for IM 70.3 and IM 140.6 I encourage my friends to join me on my journey. Spin class is where I have conned my friends into joining me. Not being able to join them today left me feeling derailed from training, even though training hasn’t started!  I worry that other things will cause me to feel derailed as the year starts. 



Try not to feel derailed. Focus on the now to lead you to the future. It doesn’t help to put energy into worrying about next week or the week after. Put energy into getting better today. Whether that means your health, your strength, or your mental game, energy and focus now will lead to your goals.  Let your friends help you and guide you to your goals.

Until the next great adventure! 





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