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D-Day is Monday

D-Day is Monday.

These are the words spoken by Coach Anthony. After a very fun and relaxing New Year holiday I read the first week plan with excitement and nervousness.  Excitement for the regimented months to follow that will get me to a fitness level I never knew was possible and nervousness for taking on an endeavor completed by many, but mastered by few.  Ironman is on my calendar and in my future. 
Week 1

Monday: 1250 yards of swim drills to work on form

Tuesday: AM- Strength PM- Spin 1:15

Wednesday: Novemeber project add in drills and dynamic stretching

Thursday: AM- Strength PM- Spin 1:30

Friday: Track-400 repeats with stadiums

Saturday: Bike at S. Mtn

Sunday: Tempo run 4-8 miles

Total of 12.5 hours for my first week.

Now to see who to con in joining me on these workouts. If you haven’t caught on to my personality yet, I’m a very needy person. Like a wolf needs their pack, I need my people.  I am more successful when I’m surrounded by others that are working for the same thing. To start I have Landis triathlon club and November project on my side. 

Who is your pack? How do you lean on them to be successful in your outdoor adventures?

Till the next great adventure!


Currently reading: How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle by Fitzgerald Matt 


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