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Control and Balance

Saturday we rode 48 miles, out by Wild horse pass and all the way around south mountain. We saw miniature horses and horse mounted Cowboys. 


On this particular ride I learned a piece of myself that I never really realized.

I like to be in control or have the perception of control.  On my ride with Anthony this week I kept asking him about the route. How far are we going?  How long will it take? Where are we going? After every turn I asked what is next?! 

I try to be this easy going person when in reality I probably persuade and steer people in the direction that I want to go.  In a sense I’m fairly easy going, and when something doesn’t go as planned I don’t go bonkers. I believe for the most part I handle it with a direct and effective  action. My close friends can either concurs or contest this. 

What I’m taking away from this week’s ride is that I need to let someone else take the reigns and lead every once in awhile.  Put trust in others that plans will go accordingly and if not, that together we can make it work.  

It’s all about finding balance in your life. Till the next great adventure! 

Cheers! Maria


4 thoughts on “Control and Balance”

  1. I think we all have things that we have a hard time letting go of control. In me, generally, that need for control stems from either fear that the outcome will not be favorable for me or simply thinking that I can do it better. Either way, it’s a lack of trust.

    Very insightful, Maria.


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  2. I found your blog through a friend who attended NP and love this post! I have such a problem controlling every aspect of my life and hoping to control the future that it often brings more stress and misery than happiness. In the last couple years I have learned to go with the flow (more) and it’s made a world of difference!

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    1. Thanks Kaitlin! This year is definitely a year for finding that! But what I find is that when things are left unplanned it causes stress on the front end. How do you deal with the pre-stress and how do you jump into things unplanned or planned last minute with ease? I will definitely be working with going with the flow this weekend, I have a leadership summit where I know no agenda for 3.5 days. Thanks again for reading!

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      1. This is valid too! I like to have a balance of things planned and unplanned. Like this weekend I’m not traveling per se but know I want to accomplish a run and a movie. I planned a class with friends but am leaving the rest of the afternoon open to what happens. I guess it’s more trial and error and learning what experiences work and the types of people I surround myself with.

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