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Today’s theme was trust. 

I guess in a way every Wednesday morning starts out with trust.  First, I must trust myself that when I hit that first snooze button that I will actually get up a few minutes later to go for my work out. Then I must trust that I spend a few mintutes focusing on finding stillness before the crazy day starts.

As I head to November Project I must trust my leaders that they will have a totally awesome workout planned for me.  I also must trust in the relationships I build there as a support system for myself as an individual.  Today I put together that Karen a fellow NPer works at Practical Art as well as bakes for the charity of the month that Practical Art donates proceeds to for a given weekend.  At the Zoo we have a Practical Art charity Pie night to fundraise.  We put trust in our organizations that together we can create a community greater than our own if we didn’t have each other. 

As my day moved quickly through I found myself at the pool.  I dipped my toes in the cool water thinking to myself, “I trust that this water will feel better when I’m further into my workout.” I looked at the length of the pool.  I will tell you that even though 25 meters is not much longer than 25 yards. Anthony gave me the run down of the workout. I trusted in him that I was ready for a full workout and not just a day of drills.  

As I started he asked me why I was doing all of these weird things I hadn’t done before and I told him, “I didn’t trust the pool.” It was a new gym, a new pool and a new distance. My body didn’t trust my stroke numbers to get me across the pool so I fell short or I swam long running into the edge. This resulted in me compensating to an extent. As I finished my third set, Anthony was leaving. He told me not to cut corners and to finish the workout in it’s entirety. This is where he had to put his trust in me. So I finished it because I trusted in myself to push through the workout.

We build these relationships based on different levels of trust.  As we move through life we gain or lose trust based on our experiences with people, the organizations they are affiliated with, the actions we take and our perception of the actions that others take. Why would we give people reason not to trust if we don’t trust ourselves? 




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