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Miguel Moreno

This man, though a kid at heart, is someone you only need to meet once to feel the warmth and kindness that comes from his soul.  His wild spirit is childlike, in that he’s curious about you and where you come from. He makes an instant connection with the open hearts of people from all walks of life.  He is Miguel Moreno, “Feel My Style.”

 Photo by SweetM Images

I first met Miguel a few months ago at the Sweaty Stocking Winterfest Ale Tapping & Aravaipa Holiday Party.  It was for a brief moment at the end of the night as people were leaving, that is where Miguel’s story began to unfold.  As I watched his interactions with the few people we were standing with I got the impression that he’d known them for awhile and that they were quite close.  I don’t know if this was true or not.  He then proceeded to tell me about his new project The Ultrahouse (I’ll get into this a little later!).

 Photo by SweetM Images

2nd Meeting

The second time I met Miguel was in Flagstaff, AZ about 3 hours before the pine cone was scheduled to drop.  I’m walking back from the bathroom, infront of me wearing a Run Steep, Get High Aravaipa swag hat, I see a familiar face.  I couldn’t put a name to it but I knew these three things Aravaipa, dirtbag runner and the Ultrahouse.  “Hey, you own Ultrahouse and you run for Aravaipa!” From there we were instant friends.  He just does that with you, makes a connection and embraces all that you are.

Looking Glass

As I’ve watched Miguel through the “looking glass” of what is the internet I’ve enjoyed watching his dream come true, The Ultrahouse.  What is the Ultrahouse?  To me it looks like family.  A family of runners and trail enthusiasts.  A garden planted with love to provide nutrients to those that rest their head for the night.  This home is a safe and free place for ultra runners to come for a short or extended stay during their time in Arizona or the Phoenix Valley.  These ultra runners come in from across the world for races put on by Aravaipa Running such as Black Canyon, Javalina Hundred and Across the Years. Some people are just passing through and Miguel is gracious to host them.  Photo by SweetM Images

Here are a few notable names the Ultrahouse has hosted:
Arnulfo Quimare – Tarahumara runner featured in the book Born to Run
Ras and Kathy Vaughan – The couple that hiked the Arizona trail from Mexico to Utah and back to Mexico.
Karim El Hayani – A long term guest and barefoot runner now living in Spain sponsored by Totem Sports
Jayden de Blonk – First doggy visitor!

Photo by Miguel Moreno

To support the Ultrahouse click here


From Miguel, “This is why I started #TheUltrahouse, to enjoy these moments with newfound friends. Love you guys!”


Miguel, I wish you nothing but the best and all the support you need to continue your passion!

Cheers to the next great adventure!



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