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Throwback Track

It’s 5:00 a.m. and I roll into the Mesa Community College track parking lot as usual. I’m exhausted and just wishing I could turn around and go back to bed.  As I walk to the entrance an new and different sign is placed on the fence. 

A rush of excitement overwhelms me as memories of high school track flood in.  This was the same track I ran on when I raced in my high school state track meets.

The biggest feeling I can remember from my high school state track meets is running my relay with my different teams throughout the years. All I can focus on is each team member as they run their two laps. When it’s my turn, the focus is on that shiny purple baton.  Faces are hard to recall, but I could tell you which teammate was which based on their hands and how they carried them.  My favorite high school friends came out of track especially from my relay teams. Kach, Sarah, Brittany, Janeth, Madeline, Alyssa and Erin to name a few.  As I run my two laps of the 4×800 all I’m thinking is dig deeper, push harder or another cliché your coach always yelled. 

Boy that yelling coach.  Coach Copeland sat at the top of the curve with 300 meters to go. He would say, “This is it, give it all you got.” My senior year, that was all I had.  I had exhausted myself to the point where I was done running. I didn’t move forward with it in college and not even for recreation for most of it.

Fast forward to my senior year of college and I found running again. A spark was ignited and inspired by my best friend Emily.

High school sports taught me a lot. How it’s okay to rely on your friends at your weakest moments to carry your baton. That strength comes from not only yourself, but your teammates. It’s okay to let life get messy in a mud puddle on a rainy day, laugh about it and wash it down the drain. Leaning a little will get you the win.  No matter how hard you think your body can handle, it can always handle a little more.  If you show love to your friends, they will be at the start and finish line to cheer you on!

State Track Meet 2005

Till the next great adventure!!



P.s. If any of my fellow teammates have photos please send them my way so I can upload!!!


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