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Get Inspired, Get Outdoors

Here is a quick review of what I’ve been up to the last month! I didn’t take the time each week to share with you the friendships in cultivating, but that’s because I’m so busy with them!  I want to inspire and help people to grow in whatever outdoor activity it is that they love most. Happiness is finding something you’re passionate about and doing it as often as you can. How can I help you find your passion?


Tanya and Anthony at track practice! Putting in work but making sure recovery techniques are happening is important. Tanya im has been consistently coming to track and it’s showing based on her new break through of a 9 min mile!


Ryan crushing it at PRG! 

Me, jumping back on the wall after months of not going. I was so happy to be back up there! Feel goods 💪🏼

Katy has been climbing consistently and she’s moved up the wall in harder climbs since my hiatus! She’s crushing her climbs 💪🏼

Canyon Lake

Took some time to take pepper out to the lake to get some swimming in. We went where there weren’t too many dogs so everyone could enjoy the lake in peace 

Kaitlin, Tanya and Katy joined us for a relaxing afternoon. I was much in need of some girl time to get away from the world. The amount of times these girls have come to my aid for emotional support has been a blessing. I’m so glad our friendship has unfolded the way it has through our love of outdoors, country, oh and puppies!

Mother’s Day

We took my mom to the Boyce Arbortetum in Superior AZ. She grew up in this small town on the outskirts of Phoenix and it was really cool for her to share with us a little bit of her childhood. We met her high school friends for lunch and I imagine for them it’s easy to pick up where they left off no matter how long they spend apart.
Also for Mother’s Day Kaitlin and Tanya race in their first duathlon. Here are their men looking “thrilled” to be there. Pre-race game face!

Every race needs solid support crews! We made sure they had that. What’s your favorite sign you’ve seen on a course?so proud of these finishers! They deserve all of the mimosas they can drink. Well deserved for the hard work they’ve put in the last several months!

Finished up Mother’s Day with brunch before my mom took off. I surprised mom with Amie coming to see her.

Fossil Creek

If you didn’t knot already Fossil Creek is open. Be sure to get your pass before you go because you will be denied if you don’t have it.  You permit is checked twice by park rangers. Don’t fret, the pass is only $6. If that means keeping this place as beautiful as it is, then trust me when I say… It’s so worth it! Just take a look at the breath taking views.

I jumped on the chance to buy a permit not knowing whether anyone could make it. I put down five names to fill my car and texted the girls saying if you’re free then let’s go! Luckily Katy, Kaitlin, Tanya, and Sarah were free.  I told them to invite their men, but that they would have to fend for themselves regarding a ride.  They are able to purchase a permit so 12 of us were able to enjoy Fossil Creek for the day.
Suck it up Buttercup

I bought a shirt for Coah Anthony that read “Suck it up Buttercup” as this is his new trademark phrase he picked off of a former club member, Jennifer, that had moved away.  So Kolby I turn had shirts made that read, “Hi my name is Buttercup.”  Needless to say we all need to suck it up sometimes.


Sometimes being outdoors is more graceful than a race, or spin class or a day at the lake. Kali and k took to the Desert Botanical Gardens for a performance under the stars. We watched Ballet Arizona perform Round.  It was a beautiful night to be outside and such a wonderful performance to see. I kept thinking of my sister and wishing I was watching her right then. 

Lobo Blanco

Spin was cancelled one night on account that it was just him and me. He knew I’d been shopping for a new bike and he asked. Do you want to go look at bikes? I said sure not really thinking I’d ever find one I like more than Blue Bird. Jim at Landis Cyclery took out a Specialized Ruby Comp. It was the first one I tried and I fell in love! She rode smooth, the fit was perfect and the most comfortable is ever felt on a bike. I said Yes to the Bike. She got her name when Kolby about a week before said, “Your next bike needs to be named Lobo.” This is for my love of wolves and the closeness I feel with them. Blanco can after when I was talking to my coworker Sarena and she mentioned how white it looked. And there was the birth of Lobo Blanco!


My new kayak was easy to name. This name came to me without hesitation but with no distinct attachment to.  I took her out on Saguaro lake with Katy and a group of Moonlight paddlers. We mostly stayed close to my co-workers Wanye and Liesl and their group.  It’s really cool to learn all of the commonalities I have with some of my co-workers. I grow as a person with them not only professionally but personally.  They are faces I get to see almost everyday.


I tools Pepper out to Tempe town lake for her first race support for Meaghen’s first triathlon. She has progressed so much since we started training classes. We need to keep up the experiences so that other dogs become the normal thing for her. 

Meaghen’s race was stellar! She looked strong and confident throughout the whole race. She’ll tell you she had a terrible finish time but don’t believe her. Check it her athlinks yourself and you’ll see how awesome she did on her first triathlon!

Over the past month I’ve grown in adventure as you can clearly see. Though my main focus right now is training for Ironman. I need to make sure I take time to break away from the routine and check-in with my outdoorsy nature side. 

Until the next great adventure!!




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