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Dear Mom and Dad,

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for letting me “quit”. I know that sounds terrible and quite the opposite of most letters you read to parents. Here’s the thing… If I hadn’t quit I never would have found what I’m most passionate about.  If you hadn’t let me try it and either fail or leave something behind, I wouldn’t have a found myself in the things I love to do. I wouldn’t have the basis of what I like to call a well rounded individual.

Each time I pursued an activity, college major or a new friendship we never knew where it would take me. We had ideas, maybe big ones.  Most would say I gave up, but how do you keep doing what doesn’t make you happy.  I could have been a ballerina like Amie, but you recognized it wasn’t my passion so you entertained things like basketball, volleyball, ice skating and more.  You supported my endeavors, each with a different challenge. Countless dollars were spent to find what really got my attention. You never said no to something new, which kept my exploring and curios soul alive.  This also meant I had to be brave in trying each new endeavor and overcome whatever hesitation or fear that might be eating at me.

(The I love you sign is for you mom and dad!)

I could have been an engineer like Sean, but you recognized I wasn’t super at math (haha, do you remember those days I’d cry trying to finish my math homework for a measly 5 or 10 points). Rather than scolding me to get better grades you helped me and were still proud of me when I graduated from UHS. Math wasn’t my strong suit but Science was.  You supported my decision to switch my major from athletic training to zoology because you saw the sparkle in my eye, the interest and the I love had when the BBC Nature videos, Planet Earth series by David Attenborough and wildlife.

Dreams of a young family slowly fizzled as boyfriends moved on and my age continued to increase.  You love me always and tell me the best one will be the last one. Love is patient and kind, so must I be.  You lead on dreams to BE someone, not to DO something.  These “things that I do” only support the person who I want to be and have instilled characteristics I hope you’re proud of. 

So thank you for raising me.  “Quitting” helped me become who I am today and helped my find my passions.  It isn’t a sign of weakness, just like failure isn’t a sign of weakness,  it is what you choose to do afterwards that determines your character.  It may have taken longer than we expected but people can see true excitement when I share my passions with them: animals, outdoors, triathlons and more.  Needless to say, I think I’m almost done quitting and ready to work on my characteristics of perseverance, dedication, and tenacity.  I love who I’ve become and I hope you do to!

Love and Cheers,


p.s. some other things you taught me: 

how to appreciate a good craft beer

what it takes to make a good margarita “honey, will you make me a margarita?”

how to drive a stick shift

how to install a sink, floors, cabinets, lights

how to make someone smile 

How important it is to wait at the end of the drive way when loved ones are leaving you


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