Quality time

For the past couple weeks, I had really been feeling the pressure of ironman training. I didn’t feel like I knew the little things that were going on in the lives of the people around me. I was missing quality time to bond. 

Despite my group workouts and girls weekend I wasn’t connecting with people in a way I normally do. Too many people at one time make it tough to create a deeper friendship. I needed chance to unwind from groups and really focus on one or two people at a time. I felt bad from two standpoints 1) that I didn’t feel involved in my friend’s lives and 2) that I needed that quality time, for selfish reasons. 

Though my friends were understanding of my crazy schedule (and a someone new and special to enter my life 😉) I told them I needed more quality time with them to be happy with the process of ironman training. After all they were a big factor in my decision to start training.

My focus now is to make time for individuals because that’s where the magic happens. If someone is going through a rough patch you can open their heart a little more by being there for them.  You see glimmers of hope, sparks of joy and brightness in their faces. Today, quality time started with Katy.  It was one of our last mornings to spend time conversing and drinking coffee on the patio as she starts teaching again for the school year on Monday. (If I haven’t mentioned already follow her blog for lots of great insight to life experiences https://lifesdesign.wordpress.com

My favorite friendships are built on coffee and the outdoors! What are yours built on?

To the next great adventure!




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