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Life begins after Ironman

I’m living life day by day training for a finish line. But what begins after that finish? Where does my life take me?  How does life begin?

This weekend I was reminded of a girl I used to be (and hope that I still am). I was reminded of the joy I get from being outside in the cool mountains. Reminded of the sheer giddiness that arises inside when I see an animal, “That Bird.” 

As the months are closing on my ironman start and finish, I hear more often, “When you’re finished training..” Or “After you’re an Ironman…” I look forward to these days as if I’ve been sitting in a ditch waiting for the sun to come out. Really though, I do enjoy this painstaking process called “ironman training.” I find joy knowing I’m pushing my limits each day to become a better athlete. I find joy seeing others inspired by the dedication I put in.

I wonder what I’ll find joy in doing, when I no longer have a goal such as ironman. Will I have a new goal? Will I pursue hiking and climbing again or will I seek new recreational activities such as kayaking or mountain biking? Will my nights become open like I think they will? Where will my energy and focus be directed? 

How does my life begin after Ironman? 

I spent a long weekend in Colorado with Brent. It was a good reminder of the things I love outside of training for ironman. I was reminded of the girl I was. I missed that girl. Brent said, I like both Maria’s. So I sit here and wonder how can I be both? 

Cheers to the next great adventure! 



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