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Today I had a moment of quitting. I started my run at 5 am, alone.  I wasn’t happy with my pace. I was tired and my muscles were sore. I thought to myself, “I would be so much happier if I was sleeping in or hiking instead.”

I did a 3 mile loop around Tempe Town Lake, and took a break. Feeling defeated. I waited to see if Sarah was going to come run or not, and still no message. I trudged along another 3 miles still feeling unmotivated for Ironman. Midway through I get a text that Sarah is coming. So I perk up a bit and head to our meeting spot. I’m still at a pace I’m unhappy with.   Sarah meets me and we do another 6 miles together. It’s easier to get through those six despite my feeling of wanting to quit. 
Today was a day that tested me. I’ve come so far in the past 9 months. I have less than 60 days. And even fewer till my taper begins. I’ve changed, but I miss the hiking, climbing, get outdoors for fun Maria that I used to be. Bear with me and that Maria will be back. I’ll remember today when I race Ironman. I will remember how tough today’s workout was and the importance of not quitting. The reward may be the finish, but the bigger reward will be sleeping in past 4:30 on a regular basis!! Being able to go hiking with Brent, or guilt free trips without workouts involved.

Here’s to pushing through these final days!! And to the great adventure after Ironman!



Tempe Town Lake run



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