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10 days till #Ironmaria

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(Sweet awesome mug from Jade and Dave, to be used post ironman!)

It’s starting to settle in. Just under a year ago I made the decision to train for an ironman. I’m 10 days from a very long day. Here’s a few things I learned along the way:

1) If you make others part of your training process it will inspire them instead of drive them away

2) It’s okay to rest (thanks Anne King!)

3) Injury is no reason to quit, but take care of it the proper way (Amy Goodsell came to spin after a total knee replacement)

4) A hot shower and a nap is the best feeling post long ride/run

5) Good form and function sometimes just clicks on one day like a light bulb so push through those tough days. 

6) Stretch! A Lot.

7) I have no idea what November 20th will be like, but I know everything I’ve done for the past year has prepared me for that day.

There is a long list of people who have encouraged me and supported me along the way. For every, good job, you got this, hug, high five, words of wisdom, and friendship built, thank you! I look forward to paying it back or forward when you need it for whatever challenge you take up.

To the next great adventure! 

Cheers 🍻



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