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And just like that…

I’m signed up for my second Ironman in Santa Rosa… I didn’t think I’d want to do more, but it’s a lifestyle and a physical and mental challenge that I enjoy. 

Here is my current race schedule for the year! 

Phoenix Marathon – this is my second standalone marathon. First marathon post Ironman.  I am nervous for this one because I don’t have a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike to hide behind. My goal is sub 4 hours and a 9 min mile seems daunting to barely scrape by that goal.

I want to take a moment to honor a man I’ve never met. Pam’s dad. I met Pam almost two years ago and she’s been a loving and positive influence on my life. Her story about her relationship with her dad has always moved me. Last year she wanted to Boston Qualify at this race in his honor. I met her at mile 15 to help pace her, but after some miles with her the heat was getting to her and she dropped out. Since that day Pam has brought two beautiful boys into the world and I have no doubt a piece of grandpa will be with each of them because of her. 

70.3 St. George – I’m looking forward to the views on this one.  I’m going to take the time to get out there for training before hand so I can enjoy the views then and hammer out come race day.  Maybe I’ll get some good hiking too out in the beautiful Zion or Bryce Canyon.

140.6 Santa Rosa – ideally I’ll train well enough to podium and Kona qualify. This is a big deal for me to say this because it’s a real goal and could potentially set me up for disappointment. I tend to be too hard on myself despite the outcome. I have a couple hours to shave off my time and I’ll be on a tougher course to get close to this goal. However if I don’t reach my goal I can always TRI again! I’m setting a hard goal of three years to Kona qualify.

Outside of my own training I’ve had several friends set triathlon goals for themselves. Their excitement to be a part of this community drives me to my goals. I can see the joy in their eyes after a workout they just painfully finished. When I watched Kelly, Tanya, Kaitlin and Sarah at their first triathlon I was called both a jock and a den mother. I beemed with pride at my cubs as they swam, bikes and ran all for themselves. My old friend Bryan, (we go as far back as carpooling to elementary school) reached out to me and told me about his dreams for triathlon. He’s driven and excited for a new lifestyle that will constantly challenge himself. I have another friend training for his (I’ve been swim to secrecy) first Ironman. You know how there’s always one kid that’s the trouble maker, or pushes your buttons, the little brother that fights you on everything for the sake of arguing with you. That’s him on all accounts for IM training. Each of their journeys is unique and I’m so grateful to be a part of each one. 




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