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Phoenix Marathon Race report

I swore after my first marathon that I would never run another marathon until I did an ironman. From that day I held true. I also believed that day I would never do an ironman. So I thought I was done with marathons period.

This weekend I took on my third marathon, only my second stand alone marathon. I had some pretty lofty goals set by me and my coach but I fell short of those goals when I was sick for two weeks leading up to the marathon.

As I toed the line with my faster goal time I thought great I can do this. The first half felt spectacular. About half way through I realized I should have started further back and stuck to my pacing, but I couldn’t live in regret. I was still on pace to finish under 4 hrs. And proved to come out with a half hour PR. 

When you think you’re going to have a good race the entire time.

When you realized you’re not feeling up to the lofty goal.

When you PR!

Somethings I realized this weekend: 1) the path we are on may not be the one we always stay on 2) marathons will always be hard 3) I’m grateful to have an amazing crew to cheer me on at my local races! 

Big thanks to Katy, Rick, Kali, Anne, Michelle, Anthony, Cindy and Dwight and kids for coming out to cheer! 

Recovery was waking waist deep into my pool! 

The great thing about Arizona races are the spring training recoveries. Bumped into some racers at the second game of the weekend! 

Cheers to the next adventure!



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