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Current Mugmood

My Current #mugmood is excitement for the Banff Film Festival, hence the Banff mug!  I was introduced to this awesome event two years ago in Tucson.  I’m happy to report it’s now in my city!  It’s a menagerie of outdoor inspired films, that get individuals motivated to get outdoors and reach for their dreams. I highly recommend it if you have one in your own city.


Why I let you choose your mug…

I hosted an Advocare mixer last night at my home. I offered my co-hosts a glass of wine, “Stem or stemless?” I asked.  Kali was the first to choose and she said, “Stemless, I’m way less likely to fumble and drop it.” Mark, second to choose, stopped in his tracks. “I’ve never been asked, or offered that.”

If you follow my Instagram you know I have #mugmoods.  Here is why I have mug moods. The mug I choose each morning sets the precedent for the day. Some are reminiscent of trips I’ve taken, people I care about, things to look forward or accomplishments. I hold my mug with comfort, confidence and joy as I sip my coffee each morning and reflect on my mood.

When you walk into someone’s home, the first thing they offer is a beverage. Your hands hug the glass as you find comfort in being welcomed. Your lips kiss the glass during an awkward moment of silence. That glass brings people together with a cheers. It is what you raise to celebrate or mourn your loved ones. It’s a piece of someone’s home that is temporarily deemed as yours with a sharpie or a glass charm or a unique look of the mug.  Your glass brings you comfort, confidence, joy and connects you with others.

So the simple question, “stem or stemless” that left Mark so perplexed, stems from the ability to make you feel a little more comfortable in my home.  As I explained the importance for him to choose his own glass he began to understand and he chose stemless. My house is not a home if my friends and family don’t feel comfortable to make it their home.

Cheers to your mugmood!



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