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A New Adventure

In our lives we go through seasons.  Some are months long and some are years long; some are mini seasons within a larger season.  Often times I find that they are focused on a life challenge, goals or a new beginning.  I’ve started to identify a recurring theme for each season either before it starts or during the season.  The last couple weeks ADVENTURE has weighed heavily on my mind. Many have asked what my next adventure will be.  While I still plan on another Ironman attempt to qualify for Kona, I have another adventure that I’m really excited for.

A piece I wood burned for Katy.

I don’t necessarily mean adventure in a sense of wanderlust, outdoor exploration and the mountains are calling (though they always are), but a new beginnings type of adventure.  I made a decision months ago to look into a new career path.  With mindful consideration and input from friends and family I took the plunge to take steps to going back to school for Physical Therapy.  It was a field that has always peaked my interest.  I started off in college as an athletic training major.  In recent years I was going to PT for overuse injuries and I asked my PT too many questions.  With every question I asked, each PT was so excited to answer… no matter how many I asked.  It wasn’t until one day I was at track.  Wendi put herself up against Dave and John to see how long she could hold on to their speed.  It was when she came up to me and Beth with tears in her eyes asking me what she should do, I realized I could be doing so much more for my friend.  It was that moment that changed my course and direction of where I wanted to help most.  It was that moment I wanted to return to a path that I left.

With this new adventure, I have taken a big step to leave the Phoenix Zoo and work as a PT technician at Spooner Physical Therapy.  I will always love and be comfortable at the Zoo, but my passions have changed since I discovered triathlons. I was sitting at church this weekend with Lola and the homily hit a note with my how I’ve been feeling about this adventure.  I realized I was comfortable at the Zoo and it’s okay, for a bit… because soon we must go out and be uncomfortable in order to change and grow.  “We must take adventures in order to know who we truly are.” I’m excited for the challenge ahead of me and the new beginnings with a new crew. I’m finding adventure in this new season of life!

Until the next great adventure!



1 thought on “A New Adventure”

  1. Congratulations!! I kept thinking of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll go” as I read this post. You will do great!! 🙂
    Today is your day.
    You’re off to Great Places!
    You’re off and away!” -Dr. Seuss

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