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Current Mugmood

My Current #mugmood is excitement for the Banff Film Festival, hence the Banff mug!  I was introduced to this awesome event two years ago in Tucson.  I'm happy to report it's now in my city!  It's a menagerie of outdoor inspired films, that get individuals motivated to get outdoors and reach for their dreams. I… Continue reading Current Mugmood

Film Festival

Banff night two

Here is what I got out of night two of the Banff film festival. Connections were strengthened and made. As I'm walking through the Fox theater in Tucson, AZ in looking for Tom who saved us seats.  Once spotted, Emily and I head over from the front.  I see an old collegue of mine from… Continue reading Banff night two

Film Festival

Banff Film Festival

Photo from my trip to Canada at the iconic Lake Louise (40 min outside of Banff) I'm excited to start this blog amidst the Banff Film Festival in Tucson, AZ.   This is my first year at this film festival, but not my first rodeo at a film festival. (credit has to go to the… Continue reading Banff Film Festival