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Check out a short gear review for Eagle Bicycles 60/88 Wheel set

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Race report

The anticipated race report from the Lifetime Tempe Tri this weekend! The morning started out with nerves. It had been since June 11th that I had last raced in a Tri. I was most anxious about the swim since I'd only done one open water swim since the race, and I wouldn't be allowed to… Continue reading Race report


Tri some group training

Only so far In the past months I've realized that you can only get so far and be so good by training on your own.  Often I find my self-motivation is lacking a few weeks into a training program and workouts get pushed back for other social events. More often than not training consists of… Continue reading Tri some group training


  PR’s and Leaderboards

Yesterday's outdoor adventure focuses on three main events.  Swimming, biking, and running.  If you know me then you know that I can't just stick to one thing.  I'm constantly searching for something new to do and something big to try. Triathlons are great for me because I get to dabble in three events yet compete… Continue reading   PR’s and Leaderboards


Tempe Bike to Work Day

23rd Annual Bike to Work Day   Today was bike to work day for Tempe, making April bike month!  Cities across the valley are hosting various events.  This morning’s event was kicked off by Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell.  Council member Kolby Granville led this morning’s group ride which totaled about 30 bikers.  What I appreciated… Continue reading Tempe Bike to Work Day

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Coffee Outside

Coffee Outside Since December 2014, I've looked forward to this outdoor event every month. I make sure to keep the last Sunday of the month open.  I found Coffee outside through the Tempe Bicycle Action Group or T.B.A.G.  I started following T.B.A.G. in the fall with every intent on attending one of their events.  I saw… Continue reading Coffee Outside