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525,600 minutes

525,600 Minutes - How do you measure a year in the life?


If anyone asks, we made it to the top.

  Moving Many of us have experienced the pains of moving, either ourselves or a good friend. This weekend Tom and I drove to Prescott to move his longtime friend Eddie to Tucson. We were only charged with moving a truck load since Eddie still has one more week of teaching left. I will admit,… Continue reading If anyone asks, we made it to the top.

Trail Running

Run to Hike: Tails and Trails

When I first moved to Tempe my big thing was to hike the mini mountains as often as I could with Pepper (my dog).  In time we began trail running it together, stopping at the top to enjoy the sunrise ahead of us.  I'm not sure why we stopped going as often but I think… Continue reading Run to Hike: Tails and Trails

Film Festival

Banff night two

Here is what I got out of night two of the Banff film festival. Connections were strengthened and made. As I'm walking through the Fox theater in Tucson, AZ in looking for Tom who saved us seats.  Once spotted, Emily and I head over from the front.  I see an old collegue of mine from… Continue reading Banff night two