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The Little Mountain Goat

“When Life gets blurry adjust your focus” this morning my focus started off wanting to ride from Casa grande to Picacho Peak hike to the top and ride back. It was a route my uncle used to do called Muy Macho Picacho. After riding 30 miles with his old buddies (who with humbling respect I… Continue reading The Little Mountain Goat


Quality characteristics

Here are some characteristics often used to describe an athlete: Drive. Discipline. Competitiveness. Self-confidence. Focus. Commitment. Raw talent. One characteristic I've found myself in need of as an athlete is vulnerability.   I started back in the pool this week working with my coach.  Swimming is a finely tuned sport that if you don't use… Continue reading Quality characteristics

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Current Mugmood

My Current #mugmood is excitement for the Banff Film Festival, hence the Banff mug!  I was introduced to this awesome event two years ago in Tucson.  I'm happy to report it's now in my city!  It's a menagerie of outdoor inspired films, that get individuals motivated to get outdoors and reach for their dreams. I… Continue reading Current Mugmood

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525,600 minutes

525,600 Minutes - How do you measure a year in the life?

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Race report

The anticipated race report from the Lifetime Tempe Tri this weekend! The morning started out with nerves. It had been since June 11th that I had last raced in a Tri. I was most anxious about the swim since I'd only done one open water swim since the race, and I wouldn't be allowed to… Continue reading Race report


Citizen Spotlight

 Citizen Spotlight Last week I met Armando at my weekly spin class. We chatted as fellow NAU alumni lumberjacks and told him what I was training for. He told me about his wife UA alumni and I told him about my boyfriend Tom, also UA alumni. Armando shared his accomplishments as a veteran of the Cold War… Continue reading Citizen Spotlight

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Build a Relationship with your City

First and foremost I must apologize for not being on my "A" game with my blog posts. Time starts to fly when you're having fun and training hard. I left off with the sweet beginnings of joining a triathlon club and checking out some new running groups. I need to be honest with you and… Continue reading Build a Relationship with your City