why tri

Why Tri?

I grew up predominately a runner.  In reality I didn’t enjoy it as much as I endured it.  I endured it because I love the people I got to run with.  I had signed up for a half marathon: my come back race after injury, work and adjusting to life.  I was so excited I had convinced myself I truly enjoyed running.  A month before the race I get an email that it was cancelled! I was so upset.  Upset at the industry and the sport.  So I made a bold move and signed up for a sprint triathlon that was three months away.  All I needed to do was make sure I didn’t sink, because I knew how to ride a bike and I had running in the bag.

It was Esprit de She.  I was so surprised by the comrade re and support from the women around me. I’d always pegged triathletes to be stuck-up rich people.  Whoops I judged wrongly. So to break it down here is why I tri:

  1. The community that supports me and wants to see me succeed. I found a triathlon club that I love and I’m pretty sure loves me back. They check in with me on a constant basis.
  2. The challenge that it gives me physically and mentally.
  3. The happiness it brings me to be in the pool, on my bike or running.
  4. The way I’m able to inspire others, whether it’s inspiring them to tri or inspiring them to follow their dreams.