Back to some outdoorsy

My stories have evolved from what was once nature and recreation to now triathlon and racing. So I'm taking back the outdoorsy and sharing the good nature! A couple weeks ago I took an adventure with Leah and Austin, the 4Runner4Adventure crew. They spent a year traveling from Denver to the tip of South America.… Continue reading Back to some outdoorsy

Bicycling, racing

El Tour de Mesa race report

El Tour de Mesa It had been almost 5 years since my first road bike race. It was El Tour de Tucson in 2015. I raced with my cousin Phil in honor of my late uncle. The race had been shortened to 56 miles and I crossed thefinishing after 4hours. Despite the rain in 2015… Continue reading El Tour de Mesa race report


Quality characteristics

Here are some characteristics often used to describe an athlete: Drive. Discipline. Competitiveness. Self-confidence. Focus. Commitment. Raw talent. One characteristic I've found myself in need of as an athlete is vulnerability.   I started back in the pool this week working with my coach.  Swimming is a finely tuned sport that if you don't use… Continue reading Quality characteristics