Bayshore 70.4 race report

Bayshore 70.4 Last week was the first race of the year. I used August-October my off season and ramped up in November when most people are getting in their fun cross training activities. This made it hard to focus, but my efforts proved for a great day at Bayshore. I told my coach "It's supposed… Continue reading Bayshore 70.4 race report


Failures and Doubts

What actions do you take when you have failures or doubts? Do you keep pushing towards that finish line or do you stop in your tracks and change direction. Doubts aren't there to stop you. They are challenges that give your dreams and goals purpose. Failures aren't there to tell you you aren't good enough.… Continue reading Failures and Doubts


Quality characteristics

Here are some characteristics often used to describe an athlete: Drive. Discipline. Competitiveness. Self-confidence. Focus. Commitment. Raw talent. One characteristic I've found myself in need of as an athlete is vulnerability.   I started back in the pool this week working with my coach.  Swimming is a finely tuned sport that if you don't use… Continue reading Quality characteristics