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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.  If you’ve ever rented or owned race wheels, you know the sound I’m describing.  These wheels did not disappoint in the joy and satisfaction from hearing that sound.

The Eagle has landed

What is a brand ambassador?  A brand ambassador represents a company and a product, sharing their experience with the product with their network. Find out more about Eagle bicycles here.

I test rode these wheels last Sunday up in Flagstaff, AZ, where the roads were clear and the weather was “perfect.”  My number one happy moment about these wheels was how they handled over the cattle guard.  Cattle guards usually my least favorite part about ride. I cringe at the feeling of riding over them, but these wheels proved to be a smooth ride. 

You can’t beat the view from Mormon Lake overlook.

These wheels climbed the hills well and I rode comfortably down hill at fast speeds. I didn’t feel unwaivered like I usually do with my other wheels. So you may have noticed I emphasized “perfect” weather. Well for any Phoenician summer valley dweller, an escape to cooler weather and monsoon rains means perfect. With about 5 miles left to downtown Flagstaff it started to pour on me. I’m happy to report that I was still able to handle turns, hills and breaking well despite the rain that fell. 

Jade, Hallie and Cindy drive by photo shooting.

I love the wheels so far and the added speed I’ve gained from them! Looking forward to racing with them at Ironman Santa Rosa.

“With the Eagle 60/80 wheelset you will find the best of both worlds with superior aerodynamic properties combined with confident handling in all conditions. Time trialists and triathletes alike, favor this dual depth setup to give them an advantage on the road. With our Wide Aero U-Shape design we achieve outstanding aerodynamics, lateral stiffness and the ultimate smooth ride you desire. Like all of our wheel-sets, these wheels are designed around the 25mm tire for the ultimate in ride quality and overall performance. Designed as a complete package we achieve the best possible performance with a near seamless transition between tire and rim for dramatically increased aerodynamic results.” -Eagle Bicycle 
Thanks Eagle Bicycle for the wheel set! 

Until the next great adventure! 



#mugmood Macy’s special in my cup!

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